Cinetopia is a collaborative film festival who lets anyone show the films provided. It’s you who decide what films will be shown, where and when. The films can be shown anywhere in your home, in your cinema, in a park, a street or wherever you think films should be screened. It’s also you who will share the revenue with the filmmaker.

Why are you creating this kind of festival?

We want to bring storytellers and audiences closer, making it possible for more people to experience fantastic movies together. The current distribution system is flawed, many great films never reach a wider audience. At Cinetopia, the filmmakers and the audience are in charge.

But… In what city is the festival taking place?

None. And many. Cinetopia is a collaborative concept where anyone can host a screening, anywhere. If there isn’t a screening in your home town - host a screening yourself!

Why can’t people just watch movies in regular cinemas as we always have?

Well, you still can. Cinetopia is about finding new ways to watch, meet and discover films.

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