Do you want to contribute to the festival by arranging your own screening? Well, that’s just amazing! This is what you need to do.


We at Cinetopia have no possibility to, in any way, control the screenings and prevent dishonesty, such as tickets sold outside Cinetopia and thereby money kept from the filmmakers, or films screened in homes without charging for tickets at all. Instead we rely on a big amount of trust and solidarity. In order for us to convince filmmakers to let go of control of their films and for Cinetopia to remain as a free and transparent platform, we need you to be as honest as possible.

If there are scenarios when you feel insecure about rules, or when the rules prevent you from making an incredible event happen, please contact us, or the filmmaker directly. There are always possibilities to make new agreements when people talk to each other, and there are only so much we at cinetopia can think of and put in words and letters - and still remain the openness and the freedom we so sincerely desire. So we ask you kindly to feel incredibly welcome with all your questions, needs and propositions. info[at]

Remember, we do this because we would like to change a very old-school, heavy, excluding system with lots of middle-hands and gatekeepers. Our dream is that you as an audience can find a treasure of films not seen or forgotten or with a limited distribution, and also have the possibility to support the filmmakers directly so that they can create new fantastic stuff. And for this to happen, we need to be able to rely on each other and show solidarity and trust. might think.. isn’t cinetopia just another gatekeeper? Well, our goal is to NOT be a gatekeeper. This is why we include all films and filmmakers we come across and who wants to be part. Instead of choosing what we think you would like to watch, we provide an advanced filtering tool so you can find the films you are interested in. Only 10% of the income stay in Cinetopia, and this is a very small amount compared to VOD-sites etc. We need to take this percent in order to maintain the sites - develop the technology, search for films and send the files to you. You can read more about our dream the manifesto.


The filmmaker has decided a minimum - and in some cases a maximum - amount for the prize of the ticket, which means that somewhere in between those numbers is what you have to charge if you want to screen his or her film. In some cases the minimum prize is zero, which means you are allowed to arrange a free screening. Nevertheless, if the limit is zero, you can still charge for your screening, and share the income with the filmmaker. If the maximum amount is zero, you can only arrange free screenings.


Some of the films at Cinetopia are released with a Creative Commons license. Even if it’s a non-commecial licence you can still charge for your tickets, since the filmmaker (by adding their film to Cinetopia) has agreed to a deal where you share the income, unless the maximum amount set by the filmmaker is zero. In those cases you are only allowed to arrange free screenings.


The filmmaker gets 20% Cinetopia gets 10% and you get 70%. Hmm.. fair? Well, the filmmaker gets revenue from all screenings of his/her film, you only receive money from your own event. That’s why you get the most. And, most filmmakers actually wants their film to be seen by as many as possible, that’s why they make films. So hopefully those 70% will be a small carrot for you, if you arrange many screenings you might actually earn a little something. Or you can use the money to invite your friends for snacks. But of course, you will also be able to share more of the money with the filmmaker, and if you want the filmmakers to get as much as possible, you can choose to donate your part to them, and they will get 90% and only 10% stays within Cinetopia.


It’s important that you who creates an event and take part of the revenue share present your income to the tax authorities in your country. All countries have unfortunately different rules, and we don’t have the possibility provide information about all cases. In most countries you are allowed to earn a certain amount of money before you need to pay tax (compare to selling some furniture at second hand - for instance) - but you need to find out the rules for your country or region. We would love to crowdsource this knowledge, so if you know the rules of your country, please contribute to our wiki. Be sure you only write information you are certain off, or - if you are uncertain - please explain this so maybe someone else can correct or confirm your information.


Be creative and explore your possibilities to offer your friends an extended experience.

You can ask the filmmaker to attend, through Skype or other channels. Or you can arrange a party after the screening, invite to a breakfast screening or sell beer. Maybe you want to invite your friends to a discussion around stuff you think is important, or arrange a remix workshop where you remix the creative commons films included in festival. Your imagination is the limit.


Share your event at social media, and if you want to you can download the marketing kit with flyers and posters to market your screening. You are free to edit the marketing material to fit your purposes, but the logos of our sponsors included in the kit has to remain. As long as those logos are untouched, you are free to create any kind of new material, add new logos, find your own sponsors for the event. You can also include the posters and images uploaded by the filmmakers in your marketing.


You are free to find your own sponsors in your city or region to support your event, weather it’s a company providing free beer or a regional fund supporting you screening, a seminar, a workshop or any additional activity connected to your screening.


If you feel insecure about creating a public event where anyone can find your home-adress, you can always create a closed event - and only invite your friends. The event will appear at the map, but only people invited directly by you can see the address.

This is how the composition of films looks in the beginning of August

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