Are you a filmmaker, producer or distributor and recognise yourself in any of the following or similar scenarios, you are welcome to submit your film to Cinetopia.


To contribute to the festival with a film - this is what you need to do:

Fill the submission form. If your film is registered at IMDB you can add the link, and we collect some of the information from there.

We know that we ask for a LOT of information, and the reason is that this information will be part of our filtering system. We need to offer the hosts and the audience a really good filtering tool in order for them to find what they are looking for. Therefor please take some time and think about your content and fill the form carefully.


When you submit a film, you are asked to upload a small file with your film - not bigger than 50 mb - which will be used by the hosts to preview your film online - before they decide to create an event. The preview fils opens in a small preview window, not suited for screening.


As soon as your film is approved by the festival - you will be asked to send a high resolution version of your film - which will be sent to the hosts as soon as they have an event going on with tickets sold. To provide different host with the best screening-possibilities you will be asked to provide us with as many of the following formats as possible. DCP - Quicktime - etc. Some cinemas might only accept a DCP, while a quicktime-file suits a home screening better.


To transfer the file we prefer torrent-links so we can use p2p technology when we administer the files, but we also respect the fact that not all filmmakers wish to / or are able to use torrents, and in those cases you are welcome to use we-transfer or our FTP client.


As a filmmaker you set the minimum and (optionally) the maximum amount for a ticket. This is because you will be able allow and demand free and non-commercial screenings, and at the same time be able to demand an economical return if and when your film is screened. The host decides the actual charge for the ticket, somewhere in between minimum and maximum, according to their expenses for location, marketing etc - in order for them to break even.


The income from sold tickets is automatically split between hosts and you as a filmmaker. 20% to you, 70% to the host. This is because the host normally have high immediate expenses connected to the screening, and only receives revenue for the actual event, but you as a filmmaker receives percentage from all screenings of you your film. 10% stay in Cinetopia to maintain the site - to develop the technology, and manage the transfer of files. In order to receive your part of the income, you will be asked to provide a PayPal account. (We are working on several solutions for the revenue share in the future, but at the moment we are limited to the use of PayPal.)


The hosts are allowed to create extended events, and might contact you as a filmmaker to attend their screenings, live or through Skype. You and the host are free to make any agreements about fees and travel costs etc - without involvement from Cinetopia. If you have extended material which the hosts can use at their screenings to create great experiences for the audience, please describe your material under "extended material" - as well as how you can provide the material.


The host is allowed to use the poster and pictures uploaded by you to promote their events. The most effective way of marketing will occur in collaboration between you as creator and the host. We encourage all kinds of communication and cooperation between arrangers and filmmakers.


We at Cinetopia have no possibility to, in any way, control the screenings and prevent dishonesty, such as tickets sold outside Cinetopia and thereby money kept from you as a filmmaker, or films screened in homes without charging for tickets. We will only send full resolution files to events with at least two sold tickets, but of course someone could invite more people to take part in the event without paying.

On the other hand, we believe that with trust and freedom comes solidarity, and we trust people to pay for content if the money support filmmakers directly instead of numbers of middle hands. We also believe that piracy is not an act of evilness or avarice but of frustration related to a heavy, non-transparent, and excluding film industry.

If there are scenarios when you feel insecure about rules, or when the rules prevent you from creating the connections or scenarios you wish, please contact us, or the host directly. There are always possibilities to make new agreements when people talk to each other, and there are only so much we at Cinetopia can think of and put in words and letters - and still remain the openness and the freedom we so sincerely desire. So we ask you kindly to feel incredibly welcome with all your questions, needs and propositions. info[at]

Remember, we do this because we would like to change a very old-school, heavy, excluding system with lots of middle-hands and gatekeepers, and create a new way of open, transparent, including system. Our dream is that you as a filmmaker can find an unexpected and dedicated audience interested in your content, and for you to screen your film to as many people as possible. And for this to happen, we need to be able to rely on each other and show solidarity and trust.

But... isn’t cinetopia just another gatekeeper? Well, our goal is to NOT be a gatekeeper. This is why we include all films and filmmakers we come across and who wants to be part. Instead of choosing what we think the audience would or should watch, we provide an advanced filtering tool so people interested in your content can find your film. Only 10% of the income stay in Cinetopia, and this is a very small amount compared to for instance VOD-sites. We need to keep those 10 percent in order to maintain the site - develop the technology, search for films and send your files to the hosts. You can read more about our dream the manifesto.


In the case you still find out your film is misused, please contact us and we will approach the host and ask her/him to follow the regulations. If rules are still not followed the person will be blocked from hosting additional screenings, but Cinetopia will not take any further legal actions. Of course you are free to approach the host yourself and build your own case.

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