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The Surroundings


25 min


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Original title:

The Surroundings

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In a society obsessed with economic development,a young man from a rural area is hired to take care of an old man living on a farm. The old man stands firmly on keeping his home, while the young man works hard to make a life for him and his girlfriend. However, the two are met with the harshness of a society that's leaving them behind. In the end, they become victims to a fate they did not choose.

Cast & crew

Director: Zhengfan Yang

Producer: Shengze Zhu

Distributor: Burn The Film Production House

Sales agent: Burn The Film Production House

Screenplay: Zhengfan Yang

Cinematographer: Zhengfan Yang

Editor: Zhengfan Yang

Sound design: Siya Huo

Music: NA

Art director: NA

Costume: NA

Technical & event information

Image format: 16:9

Screening format: Streaming

Shooting format: HD

Creative commons: Yes

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