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A Tax on Bunny Rabbits


2 min


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Original title:

A Tax on Bunny Rabbits

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Rabbits are calm; birds are calm; robots are not. When an unfriendly robot shows up on the territory of bunny rabbits, what are the rabbits to do?

Cast & crew

Director: Nathaniel Akin

Producer: Celest Brown

Distributor: Oxen Media Inc.

Sales agent: Oxen Media Inc.

Screenplay: Nathaniel Akin

Cinematographer: Ascii

Editor: Nathaniel Akin

Sound design: Nika Leinahtan

Music: Christian Konev

Art director: Nathaniel Akin

Costume: none

Technical & event information

Image format: 16:9

Screening format: Streaming

Shooting format: HD

Creative commons: No

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